Third Party Car Insurance In India

Curious about the requirements necessary for driving in India?  Wondering what insurance provisions exists and whether or not driving in the country requires insurance?

Let’s take a moment to review these questions and provide information on third party car insurance offered by the top insurance companies in India so that you can get the right third party car insurance for you.

Third Party Car Insurance & India

Every hour, more than 14 people die due to traffic fatalities in India.  Often involving cars, buses, trucks, and motorcycles, these are but a fraction of the total accidents that occur on the roadways of India.  With any highly populated country, maintaining some semblance of order and financial restitution is a necessity in order to allow people to live their lives and recover in case of an accident.

India requires that every legal driver have a form of third party car insurance.  These requirements are put into place to ensure that every driver has the financial means to pay if they are found at fault.  Laid out clearly in the Indian Motor Act, you will need to find third party car insurance if you want to drive in the country.

Depending on the make, model, and overall wealth of your vehicle, you may also want to consider additional insurance on top of any plan you end up getting.  So, what are some solid choices for third party auto insurance in the country?

Below are three recognized names in the industry with generally positive track records.

Third Party Car Insurance Options

1.  Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

With many awards under its belt, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance does a great job with its auto insurance options.  Their motor insurance options include a wide range of services that help motorists get back on their feet.  Offering comparable rates and working with individuals when they need assistance the most, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is definitely worth considering.

2.  Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Royal Sundaram collaborates directly with banks to provide a wide range of general insurance policies, including third party car insurance.  In addition to providing drivers with 24×7 support for their third party motor insurance, Royal Sundaram also puts managers in charge of fixing road mishaps and getting the client through the long and often complex process.

3.  Tata AIG General Insurance

Tata AIG General Insurance is a popular choice for auto insurance because it goes above and beyond helping people get back on their feet after a motor accident.  This includes settling claims within 7 days, warranty for accident repairs lasting upwards of 6 months, and car pickup that is free of cost.

Getting Third Party Insurance For Vehicles In India

The best way to get a competitive deal on your auto insurance is to call up various places and request quotes.  They will get back to you with their price, and you can compare it to the competition.

Be sure to read reviews on insurance companies left by other former clients to see how their services and the company react to having to pay out for claims.

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