Understanding & Registering a Private Limited Company

Most start-ups these days prefer to form a private limited company. This makes it easier for them to raise capital through angel funding and venture capitalists. They also offer employee stock options with a view to retain talent. Banks and other financial institutions also find it comfortable to lend to private companies than to partnership […]

Partnership Firm – Analysis Of Partnership Firm

Partnership firms and sole proprietorship forms of business entities are popular in India. Partners who have entered an agreement to carry out a business are collectively called Partnership Firm. The name under which the business operations are carried out is termed as the “firm name”. The partnership firm comes into existence by the execution of […]

Is 30% RTO, cost of doing e-commerce business?

The Indian e-commerce ecosystem is quite unique. Unlike mature markets in US /Europe, the most popular payment method is an Indian ‘Jugaad’ — cash-on-delivery (COD). COD suits the Indian consumer and thus makes up 70% of all Indian e-commerce. However, it comes with a unique Problem — Return to Origin (RTO). RTO is when orders […]

Partnership Deed – Creating and Registering a Deed

A Partnership Deed can be created using a ready-made template. There are several agreement templates that can be downloaded and edited to fit your requirements. India is becoming increasingly popular as an entrepreneurial destination. Sole proprietorships and Partnerships are popular types of businesses in India. The regulatory requirements in these two cases are minimal. The business can […]


Limited liability partnerships, or LLPs, are based on a fairly new but quite an innovative concept. While they haven’t been around for long and came into existence to close some major loopholes in the laws throughout the world that left many who work as partners in a business exposed to major financial risks. However, an […]

Firm Registration – Registering a Partnership Firm in India

Here are complete instructions on firm registration so you can register your Partnership Firm with the Government. So, how can you be sure that your business is considered a partnership firm, then? For starters, partnerships are types of firms that do not result to unlimited liability to its members, compared to traditional businesses. What sets partnership firms […]